Continuing Education Seminar - Alkohol/Rauschmittel September 2020

Created by Laufer, Philipp |

We, as a forensically accredited laboratory, offer, in cooperation with the corresponding Ärztekammern, continuing education seminars for medical professionals according to the curriculum of the German Society of Traffic Medicine’s CTU 2 of the 3rd Edition “Urteilsbildung in der Fahreignungsbegutachtung – Beurteilungskriterien”

The next seminar “Alkohol/Rauschmittel” takes place on the 19th of September in Berlin.

To register and for further information download the flyer.

We are also happy to answer your questions by phone or e-mail.

Telephone: 05222/8076-123, -283, -290, -291 or -560



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